Tom Steyer Launches $10 Million Impeachment Campaign

tom steyer
tom steyer

In today’s arena of political unrest, and with our nation divided, Tom Steyer steps into the ring and drops $10 million in an attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

California billionaire Tom Steyer has released an ad as the centerpiece of a $10 million campaign calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. The ad gives reasons as to why it’s eminently important that our president must be impeached. Lots of people have called for Trump’s impeachment. What makes Steyer’s campaign different? Seems like, absolutely nothing. Other than the fact that he’s spending $10 million of his own money to fund another fruitless campaign for impeachment.
Steyer may be relatively unknown to the public, but he loomed large in the 2016 campaign. He was the single biggest spender in 2016 election, after spending more than $75 million to “mobilize millennials for progressive causes. Money well spent, or a waste of philanthropist charity. You be the judge.

“A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less. And today, people in Congress and his own administration know that this President is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons,” Steyer says in the video, which calls on members of Congress to take steps to remove Trump from office.