The Alien Abduction – Planned Parenthood Connection

planned parenthood alien deal
Planned Parenthood selling tissue to Aliens

As the Deep State continues to unravel and the rats continue to jump ship, some more interesting news has hit the 4Chan community today.  The leak this time contains information illustrating a covert agreement from top directors at Planned Parent Hood to secretly sell aborted baby tissue to a secret group of extra terrestrials (ETs) which remain unnamed in the brief.

The alleged agreement directed by heads of state to provide the unknown group with the human tissue samples in exchange for limiting or stopping the abduction behavior of mature and adolescent human beings.

Although UFO sightings are at an all time high, The Boston Globe has reported that Abductions have actually declined substantially since the alleged Planned ParentHood deal.

With the Trump administration draining the swamp, it will be interesting to see if this deal is also deprecated and if alien abductions begin to rise again.

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  1. When Walton steps out of his truck to take a closer look at a UFO, he’s struck by a blinding beam of light. His co-workers, rather selfishly, drive off and leave him. Walton is found five days later, traumatised and naked. Questioned by a suspicious local Lieutenant (James Garner), Walton gradually remembers disturbing events that apparently occurred aboard the UFO.

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