The Love Conspiracy

The Love Conspiracy

I think the Hollywood obsession with teenage love (and the teen obsession with love, itself) is a vast conspiracy to keep kids distracted with emotional dependency in comparison to self love and awareness to truth.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with romantic love, and I do believe we have to go through a lot of experiences of falling in and out of it to finally mature and know how to make something work (if that’s something you want in your life).

It just seems as if kids are being pressured more and more through entertainment and social expectation to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, to be distracted by the heart (because emotion is so easy to manipulate), and become apathetic to higher learning.

By making the heart malleable at a young age it makes you more emotionally vulnerable as an adult, that way you can be duped into political and religious ideas. Your ability to reason and think logically is poorly developed, and therefore you become easy to control.

I’m not saying that being emotional is bad, or unhealthy, but it comes back to that ultimate denominator: balance. The sorcerers behind all the unreachable elements of social influence understand this, and this is why they successfully create imbalance. This is why religion and science alone cannot answer life’s mysteries. This is also why occult science and philosophy is demonized, because balance is the core foundation of its principles. As above, so below.

Love is the force of totality and truth. It is the unbreakable bond. It is not something that needs to be reduced to some fickle feeling and exploited. It is not a drug.

Being “in love” can be a wonderful feeling, but we have to remember to love ourselves first. When we can be happy in self-love, and being in tune with our higher selves, then making that connection with another person becomes so much more rewarding. And if that connection is only fleeting we have attained the ability to recognize that. The need for co-dependency has been vanquished by depending only on the greater connection you made between you and the universe.