Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as omens that bring about death and destruction. They have started wars, stopped wars, caused civilizations to collapse, and caused chaos through out history. So its nothing new that people are becoming frantic about this upcoming Solar Eclipse, or is it? The Eclipse on August 21, 2017 could be the harbinger of cataclysm to come.

With theories abound, amateur and professional astronomers alike claim that from the outer reaches of our solar system comes a planet, a dwarf star, or both. Coming along for the ride are moons, space debris, asteroids, and enough electromagnetic energy to change the poles of our planet. For over 65 years this heavenly body has been mentioned in many mainstream publications, movies, books and more. Some of the brightest scientific minds of our times have set out to prove it’s existence. One of the most popular being Doctor Robert S. Harrington of the US Naval Observatory. Sadly, he died of a sudden case of throat cancer before he was able to prove his hypothesis. Although, he did commission a special telescope to be built to find it, and he theorized the projected path of this object. Doctor Harrington even believed that he had pinpointed the location of the object.

After being suppressed for many years, and denied by NASA, (Never A Straight Answer) the doomsday theories and killer “Deathstar” stories have made a resurgence. In recent years the theory has again gained steam in mainstream media, that there is indeed a large body in our solar system that is causing disturbances to the normal activity of the inner planets. There are many theories as to the size, location, makeup, and the effects on earth of this object. However, even though there is a lack of visual evidence, many astronomers have agreed that is is out there. What there is evidence of is the disturbance of the orbits of Pluto and Uranus by an unknown force. With the recent massive increase in Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Animal Die-Offs, and many Earthly changes, it is getting harder to explain exactly what is going on. Yet when you add planetX to the equation it seems to make perfect sense. In recent news NASA has also stopped denying the possibility of a killer planet, but now claims that the existence of Nibiru has yet to be proven with visual evidence, but every scientific model says it’s there. Never A Straight Answer, strikes again.

The doomsday theories and killer “Deathstar” stories have made a resurgence.

The article first appeared in a 1955 Popular Mechanics magazine. The news has made many mainstream appearances, not to mention become the topic of hundreds of blogs, YouTube channels and and more. It gets a little hard to decipher the facts from all the hypothetical, yet plausible theories but it could be the greatest and most important discovery of our lives. Take a look at the possibility of our solar system being a binary star solar system, 70% are, or the existence of the rogue planet Nibiru that travels an elongated orbit. This trajectory brings it into a close approach pattern to Earth every 20,000 or so years. Do your own research to prove, not only its existence, but that it occasionally comes dangerously close enough to Earth to cause some great cataclysm each time it visits. I hope that all the believers are wrong due to the theoretical consequences that would accompany them being right. I seriously don’t wish mayhem or destruction upon our planet or any other in our solar system. I just figure it’s better to to be informed and prepared instead of marching blindly into each day, believing that we will never experience any troubles originating from the vastness of space.