Flame Virus Created By Government

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Flame Virus Created By Government

FBI, Israel Secretly Create Internet Virus?

The Flame malware was “developed by a government or nation state with significant budget and effort, and may be related to cyber warfare activities,” claims a report from the Hungarian Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS) who told IB Times UK, that the “the complexity of The Flame, geography & targets leave no doubt this malware was state-sponsored.”

The Flame Virus has been described as the most complex malware ever found online and apparently has gone undetected for over two years and has been stealing sensitive information during that time, added Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO at Kaspersky Lab.

Not much has been revealed about one of the FBI’s newest projects that created Internet police in the US. The Domestic Communications Assistance Center (DCAC) and the FBI will probably try to keep it that way.

Sources online and a recent article on RT News claim that governmental agencies have been searching seemingly without end for ways to snoop into your personal computer.

Congressional sanction and partnership with Internet companies does not happen fast enough and the FBI might be able to bypass that entirely by taking the matter into its own hands, say privacy activist.

RT News reported that federal workers at Quantico – Virginia headquarters of the DCAC, are working on ‘projects’ that will put FBI spies into the Internet, tracking unsuspecting American’s Skype calls, chat messages and everything else accessible online.

Is it possible that one of these secret projects involved the development of the Flame Virus?


Flame is the third major cyberweapon discovered in the past two years, and Kaspersky’s assessment that it was created at the request of a national government also started a discussion about the possibility that this is part of an Israeli campaign of electronic sabotage aimed at Iran.

Kaspersky said that although the coding is different there was some proof to the claim that the people behind Flame also helped craft Stuxnet – a notorious virus that disrupted controls of some nuclear centrifuges in Iran.

“I would be cautious about saying it’s definitely targeting the Middle East. Kaspersky only has about 200 cases documented in Iran and down in seventh place in the same list of results is a Middle East country with five cases detected. Crysys also found cases of Flame in Hungary so attacks have happened outside that area,” he added.