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Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia May Erupt in ‘Days to Weeks’ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Terra Nova   
Thursday, 05 April 2012 10:53

Colombia’s snowcapped Nevado del Ruiz volcano has been showing signs of possible eruption.

An “Orange (II)” alert has been posted, meaning that the volcano could erupt within days to weeks, the Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report web page said on Thursday, reported

Gibiru RealTime Disaster Map

The last three volcanic eruptions to cause major loss of life were Krakatoa, Indonesia, where 32,000 were killed in 1883; Mt. Pelee, Martinique, where 29,000 were killed in 1902; and Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia, where 23,000 were killed in 1985, having led to Colombia’s worst natural disaster.

Full Story: Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia May Erupt in ‘Days to Weeks’

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 April 2012 11:16
Megaquakes and Super Volcanoes Eruption on the Rise? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nibiru   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 16:58

Recent activity in the vicinity of a dormant 'super volcano' in Germany has left experts worried about a possible eruption. Laacher See Lake near the German city Bonn is a caldera lake and a potentially active volcano.

 The eruption from underneath Laacher See Lake could eject billions of tons of magma which in turn could cause widespread devastation in the European continent and even 'short-term global cooling' or ‘volcanic winter,’ say experts.  Monitor Volcanic Activity Realtime with Gibiru/Maps.

Full story: Megaquakes and Super Volcanoes Eruption on the Rise

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 17:02
Alaska Volcano - Cleveland Island Eruption PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 17:03

On 30 August, AVO reported that satellite observations during the previous two weeks indicated that lava-dome growth at Cleveland had paused. AVO lowered the Volcano Alert Level to Advisory and the Aviation Color Code to Yellow. During 31 August-2 September cloud cover prevented views of the summit crater, but a thermal anomaly at the summit was observed during 3-5 September. Observations on 6 September indicated that the lava dome had resumed growth, reaching 120 m in diameter and filling the floor of

Yellowstone - Supervolcano About to Blow? PDF Print E-mail
Written by sitevc   
Friday, 15 July 2011 09:25

Is Yellowstone - Supervolcano Getting Ready To Blow Its Cork


The most recent swarm started after the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.
With 1620 small earthquakes between January 17, 2010 and February 1, 2010,
this swarm was the second largest ever recorded in the Yellowstone Caldera.
The largest of these shocks was a magnitude 3.8 on January 21, 2010
at 11:16 PM MST.
This swarm reached the background levels by 21st of February. 2010
2009 -over 500
Earthquakes at Yellowstone in the last week

5th January 2011 Volcanic Eruptions PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Thursday, 13 January 2011 15:06

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Lahars from Merapi volcano have destroyed several bridges including Gempol bridge on the Putih River. A lahar overflowed from the Putih River in Jumaya village, Salam subdistrict, on Monday night, cutting off the Magelang-Yogyakarta highway at Kilometer 23 for almost 18 hours until about 1 p.m. on Tuesday. More than 500 meters of the highway were submerged under meter-deep lahar. This was the most damage cause by merapi volcano since the alert level was downgraded at end of December 2010.
More on Merapi volcano...
Volcanoes of Indonesia...

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Volcanoes of Colombia
Four volcanoes in Colombia have been placed on raised yellow alert. The volcanoes are Machin, Galeras, Huila, andl Ruiz. Earthquakes increased at Machin volcano on 31st December 2010. Over 4 days 367 volcano-tectonic earthquakes were detected south and southwest of the main dome. The largest event occurred at 5:22 pm on 1st January 2011, with a magnitude 2.3 and a depth of 3.3 km. The earthquake was felt by residents in vicinity of the volcano and in the municipality of Cajamarca (Tolima). In the week from 22 to 28 December 2010, 363 seismic events occurred at Nevado del Huila volcano, of which 72 were related to fracturing of rock and 291 caused by fluid dynamics in volcanic conduits. Nevado del Ruiz and Galeras have showed elevated but stable activity.
Volcanoes of Colombia...


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