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Directed Energy and Scalar Weapons PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 May 2011 13:42

At the time this article was being developed, many people expressed disbelief that energy weapons existed outside of science fiction until they were reminded of the Star Wars Program, also known as the Strategic Defense Initiative. (SDI) This is a reminder that energy weapons do exist and have been developed over 100 years. Most of this technology is classified information. It can also be assumed that such technology exists in multiple countries. The purpose of this article was to begin to identify the evidence of what happened on 9/11/09 that must be accounted for. In doing so, the evidence ruled out a Kinetic Energy Device (bombs, missiles, etc.) as the method of destruction as well as a gravity-driven "collapse." As well, multiple videos of actual directed energy weapons in use are contained as proof of the use and existence of these weapons and this technology.

futuristic Directed energy weapons do exist and are being used by the military.

Read the entire Directed Energy Weapons article with pictures and Video!


The *SDI was created by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983.(1) It is thought that SDI may have been first dubbed "Star Wars" by opponent Dr. Carol Rosin, a consultant and former spokeswoman for Wernher Von Braun. However, Missile Defense Agency (MDA) historians attribute the term to a Washington Post article published March 24, 1983, the day after the Star Wars speech, which quoted Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy describing the proposal as "reckless Star Wars schemes."(2) Before it was named the "Star Wars Program (SDI) in 1983, it was the Advanced Space Programs Development.(3) 12/12/10 -- Dr. Judy Wood


(1)Strategic Defense Initiative, Wikipedia

(2)Sharon Watkins Lang. SMDC/ASTRAT Historical Office. "Where Do We Get Star Wars?", The Eagle. March 2007.

(3)Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations.



Visual evidence of directed energy weapons being used on a large scale.

As is visible in the above image, every building that was destroyed had a prefix of WTC. There was surprisingly little collateral damage to nearby buildings that were not targeted. The WTC buildings that were not totally destroyed had multiple circular holes visible at Ground Zero -- especially in buildings WTC5 and WTC6. Directed Energy Weapons being the culprit.


Consider the above video

Directet energy weapons are very precise, yet hard to acurately target.

It is also important to mention the lack of dust, smoke, or debris within the holes. Closer photos have shown this in extreme detail. Directed energy technology is being used by the military under the disguise of "crowd control" It is very obvious that the manor in which the technology is being used in the videos below is a 'tuned-down' version.


Notable is the question of how this piece could fly through WTC2, over WTC5 and two more buildings, drop into that intersection by clearing the tallest building, land under scaffolding, not gouge the street or any building and not bump into any scaffolding supports? The Flight 175 engine piece apparently came in for a soft landing. See photo below.

Quite a circus act for this motor to get to its final resting place without any physical signs of damage to the aurrounding area.


A close-up of WTC5 and its mysterious holes, shortly after the event is below. This shows the vertical cut-outs in the center of WTC6. To the left of WTC6 are the remains of WTC1. Note the fairly consistent diameter of the holes. The holes are essentially empty: little debris visible inside the holes.

directed energy weapons video picture proof


National coverage was actually on television, although many citizens of the United States are already numb to the idea that this is going on right in front of them.


Last Updated on Friday, 27 May 2011 12:28

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