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Bomb explosion has injured two men in Switzerland PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 March 2011 08:44

Today, Swissnuclear energy section of swisselectric reported that this morning at 8am (european time), a package has exploded at the office of swissnuclear in Olten, which is the National Federal Agency in charge of all nuclear plants in Switzerland.

The explosive was hidden in a letter/parcel and as a result of its detonation two swissnuclear employees were injured and damages were caused in the office of the Agency in Olten.

A federal investigation has begun and precautions have been taken to increase the security in other offices and power plants in the Swiss Federation.
Swissnuclear condemns this
terrorist act and is still recovering from the shock.

Nobody has claimed yet responsibility for this action, says the local police.

After the incident in the Japanese powerplant Fukushima, caused by the giant tsunami following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that killed 10 thousand people three weeks ago, the Swiss government has stopped federal programs for renovation of its nuclear powerplants.

Nonetheless, last year Switzerland has been a victim of serious terrorist bomb attacks.

A parcel bomb exploded at the Swiss embassy in Rome in December last year and one official from the dimplomatic mission was injured as well. The terrorist attack was tied to Switzerland’s detention of members of the anarchist group “Anarchist Federation.” The terrorist act was a retaliation for the imprisonment of Swiss “eco-terrorist” Marco Camenisch over the murder of a customs officer in Graubunden in 1989, announced Swiss Info news last year.

The rise of domestic terrorism, especially the use of violence by substate actors to promote environmental causes, has never received the same attention as acts of international terrorism in the past.

Concerns regarding the scale and type of these attacks increased the fear and enhanced measures necessary to improve prevention and protection of important “eco targets” and of innocent victims.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 March 2011 12:33

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