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Terror Threats
Lonely gunman at San Jose City College PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:32

ABC7 News reported that San Jose City College is on lockdown after reports of a gunman on campus. Police forces been deployed but have not located the gunman.

Bay City News Service reported that the campus was locked down about 4:30 p.m.

Coupmedia journalists are investigating.

Newtown Shooting Coverup ? PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 16:28

According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest if he planned to kill himself? 

Shooting Empire State Building PDF Print E-mail
Written by Truth Warrior   
Friday, 24 August 2012 06:46

Two people were killed and at least eight were wounded in a shooting outside the landmark Empire State Building in New York City on Friday, according to a New York police source, according to Reuters.

A man shot dead a former co-worker near New York's Empire State Building on Friday and was killed in return fire by police who also wounded bystanders, creating chaos and shocking commuters and tourists who witnessed the bloody scene outside the famous skyscraper.

The gunfire wounded eight bystanders, who were all expected to survive, city officials said. All the shooting took place on the sidewalk at the height of the tourist season next to one of the city's most popular attractions

Jeffrey Johnson, a fashion accessories designer disgruntled over being fired a year ago, shot a 41-year-old former co-worker three times at close range with a .45 caliber handgun, officials said.

The country has had two other mass shooting cases this summer. On July 20, James Holmes, 24, allegedly started shooting at a midnight screening of the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 people and wounding 58.

This month a gunman killed six people and critically wounded three at a Sikh temple outside Milwaukee before police shot him dead in an attack authorities treated as an act of domestic terrorism.

Domestic terrorism has come to light with the Sikh shooting again. The US government is not only coming after the 2nd Amendment, but now framing US Army veterans in a false flag operation where extremists are the new threat.

10 Shot in front of the Empire State Building

Last Updated on Friday, 24 August 2012 11:28
DHS: White Middle Class Terrorists PDF Print E-mail
Written by Truth Advocate   
Monday, 13 August 2012 10:33

Who does Homeland Security thinks poses the greatest risk? Video portrays white middle-class as the most likely terrorists

A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Brother continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or peanut allergies.


The video is part of Homeland Security’s $10 million dollar “See Something, Say Something” program that encourages Americans to report “suspicious activity,” which in every case throughout history has been a trait of oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

In the course of the 10 minute clip, a myriad of different behaviors are characterized as terrorism, including opposing surveillance, using a video camera, talking to police officers, wearing hoodies, driving vans, writing on a piece of paper, and using a cell phone recording application.

Watch Video

Last Updated on Monday, 13 August 2012 10:47
Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting: FBI Warned of Terror Attack April PDF Print E-mail
Written by Legal Lady   
Monday, 06 August 2012 11:16

Milwaukee shooting 2012: FBI Warned of Planned Terror Attack

Police in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, are calling the shooting at a Sikh temple an act of domestic terrorism – although no details or other possible motives have been mentioned by the police chief John Edwards.

The “lone gunman” killed 6 people and critically wounded 3 before he was killed himself by law enforcement.Hindustan Times reports that the gunman was a white male, “with a 9/11 tattoo.”

The police department arrived at the scene in tactical gear, armed with assault weapons in armored vehicles; including the police bomb unit (which Milwaukee County sheriff’s spokesperson Fran McLaughlin said she was not clear as to why they were called to the scene).

Eyewitnesses to the shooting say that a team of four men dressed in “dark clothing” were responsible for the killings. These initial reports completely contradict the official story by the police that a “lone gunman” was the suspect they shot and killed.

More initial reports stated that the local hospital was told to expect anywhere between 8 – 20 people. At the time of this call-in the suspect was “still at large”.

Edwards relayed that the FBI was handling the investigation because the shooting was being treated as a domestic terror attack. Tactical units converged on the temple, preformed a sweep through the interior and exchanged gunfire with the suspected gunman outside the temple.

Last Updated on Monday, 06 August 2012 11:43

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