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NASA Secrets Revealed - Alien Ruins on the Moon PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 00:00

Alien Invasion Threat Would Help Global Governance

NASA Secrets Revealed - Alien Ruins on the Moon

Richard Hoagland and Ken Johnston have revealed quite a number of sensational statements regarding NASA Secret Agenda on the Moon and the ruins left behind from an extraterrestrial origin. 

Read Full Story and Watch Video: NASA Secrets Revealed - Alien Ruins on the Moon

They argued in their book Dark Mission: Secret History of NASA that U.S. astronauts 40 years ago have found ancient ruins of artificial origin and a previously unknown technology to control gravitation when they landed on the Moon. The Apollo astronauts took pictures of the objects but NASA ordered Johnston, former manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar receiving laboratories for the Apollo Mission, to destroy the images. Apparently Johnston did not follow the order and leaked the information.

Recently, a pair of NASA spacecraft arrived back-to-back at their destination in the first mission devoted to studying lunar gravity.

Russia Sends Man on Moon and Mars by 2030

The Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) probes are designed to map the moon’s lumpy gravitational field, which is stronger over the maria (facing Earth) than in the highlands (on the dark side), announced NASA.

NASA on the Moon - Lunar Gravity Shifting

A compilation of images on the back/dark side of the moon that were covered up by Nasa shows tubes and connections to thousands of towers that are buildings made in a fashion that might give you a different idea about our Moon.

The pictures included in the book reveal ruins of extraterrestrial buildings; dome-like objects made of glass, stone towers and castles hanging in the air.

Richard Hoagland, also former NASA scientist, believes that Washington’s interest in the Moon exploration have been led by main groups, ‘sects’, composed of prominent individuals. Each has stamped their own agenda on our space program and each is dominated, according to Hoagland by a secret or “occult” doctrine that is closely aligned with “ancient religion and mysticism” and does not correspond with rational empiricism and promoted a veil of secrecy for over 40 years. He argues that a bizarre obsession by NASA with the so called “three Gods or Goddesses”, coming from ancient Egypt – Isis, Osiris and Horus, has been a constant pattern in the Agency celestial mechanics and astronomical research. He looked at Apollo Program official patch, armed with the preceding “heads up” and matched the “A”, from Apollo, as actually standing for “Asar” – the Egyptian designation for “Osiris”. Asar/Osiris link, says Hoagland is none other but the Greek constellation of “Orion” – which was also the background stellar constellation on the patch itself.


Hoagland and Johnston say that a critical number and variety of lunar artifacts were successfully identified, collected and brought back to Earth by the Apollo crew and the mission was aborted after the success of the secret exploration, ending with Apollo 17. The reason behind was not a budget cut but rather the unique discoveries that NASA have found and obviously led to the cessation of the lunar surface exploration and landing missions for over 30 years.

NASA Secrets Revealed - Alien Ruins on the Moon

NASA considers the allegations of the ancient civilization found on the Moon to be speculative and not serious scientific analyses. 

The authors of the controversial book also say that President John F. Kennedy, who launched the lunar race with the Soviet Union, actually intended to share extraterrestrial technologies with Moscow. Making a speech at the United Nations Organizations in September of 1963, Kennedy offered the USSR to organize a joint mission to the Moon.

President George Bush and NASA’s announcement that they have the intention to return to the Moon by 2020 made both scholars doubtful as to the Agency’s real intentions in this new space race. The scientists argue that the real goal is to beat a host of other countries like Russia, China, Japan and even India that have publicly released their plans to work on the exploration of the Moon. The U.S. says Hoagland, wants to be the first at this stage of the beginning of the second space race and remain the leader.

In December 2007 NASA announced its plans to build an international base on one of the poles of the Moon. The base is to be finished by 2024. The Russians have a more ambitious program to build a permanent manned base on the Moon by 2015. To crown it all, China launched its first satellite to the Moon on October 24, 2007.

Richard Hoagland argues that NASA conceals from the American people a number of other secrets, including the discovery of microbes on the surface of Mars and other “anomalous” images confirmed by robots. The discovery was made by unmanned space probe Viking in 1976.

Hoagland writes that with those first Lunar Orbiter images taken of the moon, everything – “the reality of the ruins, their extraordinary scale, their obvious presence on more than one world in the solar system, how their builders vanished – was suddenly all too real. There had been a powerful, enormous encompassing, extraordinary solar-wide civilization that had simply disappeared, only to be rediscovered by NASA’s primitive initial probes. A civilization that, it would turn out later, had been wiped out through a series of all-encompassing, solar-system –wide cataclysms.

Hoagland later writes about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s epic journey to the moon. He elaborates on the media commentaries and Apollo 11 project managers and key engineers’ comments on the extraordinary nature of the events happening that very night – July 20, 1969.

He recalls NASA’s own engineers saying, while strolling through the solar system and making prediction via satellite, “henceforth, this night will be known as ‘the Beginning of the true History of Mankind.”



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