Why Google Leans Left

Google Leans Left

The debate over censoring content and using various tracking methods and cookies to allow or disallow users to see and find what they are looking for is on the forefront of discussion today. The original intent of a search engine was to “search”, not to be “searched”.

Today’s companies, politicians, governments and intelligence agencies are searching the consumer and not the other way around. At one time computers were downloading information for the individuals to review but now the computers are downloading the individual’s brain for someone else’s review or agenda.

Last week President Trump accused Google of being left leaning.  Despite the claims from the popular search engines that results are delivered solely algorithmically, the underlying scoring of websites is very manual and primarily consists of students who are attending today’s left leaning college campuses.  

“The problem is baked into the underlying scoring of webpages at scale by the major search engines.  The evidence is clear. We are dealing with the un intended (or perhaps intentional) slanting of web results due to a manual web scoring process, the guidelines of which has been leaked a few years back, new versions continue to leak out btw. The document was a How to Guide for over 10,000 Google contractors to rate web pages at scale. Which ultimately demoted some pages while promoting others in the algorithms.  What’s more is that the evidence shows that Google targeted college students and educated moms for these part time work from home positions as web quality raters”, stated Steve Marshall, CEO of Gibiru, an anonymous uncensored search engine founded in 2009.

Not surprising; statistically most colleges universities and moms lean left politically, so it makes sense that the net result of having these folks score and rate the internet at large has left us with a left leaning internet.

Gibiru has unlocked this censoring and left leaning by removing the suppression that has been caused from this manual and biased scoring methodology. Gibiru opens these sites up in its “censored results” tab.  You can see the difference by performing a search on Gibiru for obvious terms like “Trump” “Clinton” or “911”. If you want to have real fun search for “Qanon” or “Ambassador Wanta” 

When one searches the web using Gibiru the search query is not saved on a server. Gibiru wipes the record within seconds after one performs the search. Thus, there is no profile data to sell, package or give away via partnership, request or subpoena.  Problem solved.

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