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Nibiru 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Multiple Contributors   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 07:09


Updated Stories on Nibiru Planet X Comet Elenin


A Discussion thread on the popular internet site godlikeproductions has received an extremely high volume of comments surrounding the mystery planet X Nibiru and its proposed nearing approach to the Earth, forecasting the "dark Star" to break through our ecliptic on March 15th 2011.   Nibiru which is proposed by some to be the "death Star" or as Revelations refers to "Wormswood" a possible binary companion brown dwarf star to our sun that crosses our solar system every 3.600 years, causing massive geological and magnetic field disturbances.

The time line provided by the internet forum contributor has sparked concern and criticism alike over the last week.

Feb 20 Nibiru between Jupiter and Mars orbits. 2.48 AU from Earth.

March 4 Nibiru breaks through ecliptic plane for earth change symptoms to increase dramatically. 2.261 AU from Earth.

March 15 Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in alignment creating gravity trench for volcano/earthquake/tidal events to escalate (first shaking of Hopi prophecy). First Conjunction. 2.1 AU from Earth.

June 27 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. 1.789 AU from Earth.

Aug 3 Nibiru crosses Earth orbit and Earth reaches Nibiru perigee orbit angle position. 1.489 AU from Earth.

Aug 21 Nibiru crosses Venus orbit. 1.198 AU from Earth.

Sept 11 Nibiru reaches perigee position at Mercury orbit. 0.708 AU from Earth.

Sept 19 Nibiru equidistant from Sun And Earth. 0.523 AU from Earth.

Sept 26 Nibiru passes between Sun and Earth for second alignment (second shaking of Hopi prophecy) for anticipated Geological Pole Shift Event. Second Conjunction. 0.396 AU from Earth.

Oct 2 Nibiru at Venus orbit. 0.316 AU from Earth.

Oct 17 Nibiru at Earth orbit and nearest position. 0.232 AU from Earth @ 21.57 million miles.

Nov 14 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. 0.46 AU from Earth.

Nov 22 Nibiru, Earth and Sun alignment for Pole Shift Reversal Event. Third conjunction 0.58 AU from Earth.


Nibiru will finally be farther from the Earth than the Sun on Feb 29, 2012 marking 163 days from Sept. 19, 2011 that Nibiru is nearer our planet than the Sun.


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A brown dwarf between Jupiter and Sun mass is approaching Earth from 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58 [link to] coordinates at 100,000 miles per hour covering 2.4 million miles each day from the Orion Constellation just below Orion's lower-left belt location and expected to break through the ecliptic plane on March 4, 2011; when Nibiru Earth Change Symptoms are expected to become far worse. The brown dwarf with multiple moons [link to] is currently on an inbound trajectory towards Mercury orbit and located between Jupiter orbit and Mars orbit.

The brown dwarf (Nibiru) is the object being currently tracked by NASA as the Psyop Leonid ELEnin Comet that is expected to come into alignment with Sun and Earth at the first of three conjunctions on March 15, 2011; which is what all the false flag psyop disinformation is calling the pole shift. The Dwarf is still too far away (2.1 AU) to assume polarity control of the Earth from the Sun. This first conjunction/alignment is actually the first of three 'shakings' or cavitation events of Hopi Prophecy that includes no pole shift at all. The magnetic poles of our planet are not shifting, but are 'migrating' from the approach of the brown dwarf and the powerful magnetic field and polarity entering our inner solar system; which has been going on since 2004. The dynamic gravitational Tug-of-War between the Sun, Earth and Brown Dwarf is enhanced by the near-alignment of seven planetary/solar bodies at this first conjunction shown in the first diagram above and demonstrated by a red conjunction line depicting extreme gravitational force. The next major event for Nibiru is June 27, 2011, when the dwarf crosses the Mars orbit.

Diagram 2 starts at August 3, 2011 when Nibiru crosses Earth orbit to then cross Venus orbit on August 21, 2011. Then we see Nibiru/Elenin reach perigee position nearest the Sun on September 11, 2011 exactly ten years from the 9/11 attacks [link to] when the dwarf begins the 3600-year orbit once again. September 26, 2011 marks the day of the second conjunction when Nibiru is only 0.396 AU from Earth (36.8 million miles), when the dwarf is expected to gain polarity control over the Earth to cause the Geological Pole Shift. This is the second shaking of Hopi Prophecy when the Earth will bow to Nibiru's awesome magnetic field/polarity, so the northern hemisphere experiences days of darkness; while the southern hemisphere is drawn nearer the Sun. There are 14 days between the brown dwarf reaching perigee position and this conjunction with the Earth and Sun being equidistant to the dwarf on the 7th day (Sept. 18).

October 2 is the day that the brown dwarf crosses Venus' orbit again to begin trekking in the direction of Earth. Our planet is still being pulled towards the Sun, but by this time we are also being pulled forward into the massive gravity well. Two weeks go by (Oct. 17) and the brown dwarf crosses the Earth orbit line to pass directly in front of our planet at just 21.57 million miles away, which is the nearest point in our encounter. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit line on November 14, 2011 on way to the third conjunction on November 22 where the Earth passes directly between the two once again like on March 15. This marks the time of the Geological Pole Shift Reversal, and third Hopi Prophecy 'shaking' that tips the Earth back to near the current position, as the Sun regains polarity control from Nibiru racing away from the inner solar system.

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