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New World Order
Democrats and Republicans are the same party PDF Print E-mail
Written by TruthWarrior   
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:36

In the video interview below, legendary conspiracy author G. Edward Griffin explains how his research, which spans no less than 5 decades, has revealed a banking elite obsessed with enforcing a world government under a collectivist model that will crush individualism and eventually institute martial law as a response to the inevitable backlash that will be generated as a result of a fundamental re-shaping of society.

Griffin discusses the similarities between the extreme left and the extreme right in the false political paradigm and how this highlights a recurring theme - collectivism. Collectivism is the opposite of individualism and believes that the interests of the individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number, explains Griffin, uniting the doctrines of communism and fascism. Both the Republican and Democrat parties in the United States are committed to advancing collectivism and this is why the same policies are followed no matter who is voted in to the White House.

"All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because that's the only way you can hold it together," warns Griffin.

Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, explained in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship while fooling people into thinking they had political freedom, by creating squabbles between the two parties in terms of slogans and leadership, while all the time controlling both from the top down and pursuing the same agenda. Griffin documents how the Tea Party, after its beginnings as a grass roots movement, was later hijacked by the Republicans through the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

Pointing out how Republicans and Democrats agree on the most important topics, such as US foreign policy, endless wars in the Middle East, and the dominance of the private banking system over the economy, Griffin lays out how the left-right hoax is used to steer the destiny of America.

Griffin also talks at length on a myriad of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans.


The Media machine is Ramping up! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 December 2012 04:34

In the News as of lately the Police have been shown as being benevolent beings that are out to "HELP" you.

Helping buy a homeless man socks and shoes.  When it was found later that the gentlemen who had no shoes was actually being housed by the government for being a war veteran.  He has no "need" is what is being said by the source that was cited.

This morning it is being shown that an officer gave a an a citation and that after hearing the mans story he gave the gentlemen $100 dollars.  My own sources have explained to me that the 21st of December is coming quickly and the Leaders of the world are getting ready for anything.  This includes creating a rapport with the people of the united states.  When and if something does go wrong, or it is created.  The "Have Mores" do not want the machine to come to any kind of halt.


Many are unsure of what is going to happen on the 21st of December.  The Elite are definitely ready for what ever it is they may need to go through.  The rest of society will be left to their own demise.  This does not have to stop you from fighting NOW for the future!


Many are trying all kinds of things.

One group is at the moment ramping  up their efforts to awaken the masses!  The group posting as 1LOVE in the pictures and posts on the internet.  They identify themselves by using a statement which has been broken down into single sentences.


Within the media "The end of days" is being made into a joke.  In commercials, Television Broadcasts, and on the Radio.  It is being made to seem trivial.  This is so that everyone remains at the constant until the Elite have to do something.  If we are all placed within some type concentration camp or are killed and the conspiracy theories of the mass graves could be found to be true.  Which also includes the theories that FEMA camps are being prepared to accept mass quantities of Adults and Children







Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:48
CIA Time Travel Apparatus PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Monday, 12 November 2012 07:59

During his presidential campaign Barack Obama didn't have to worry about being elected to the presidency of the United States. It was a done deal, time-traveling government agents told him.

According to researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre the president belongs to a third generation CIA family. Someone else under the control of the CIA.

But what makes this CIA-connected conspiracy stand out is that the Agency has access to quantum access time travel. According to Webre and a whistle blower named Andrew D. Basiago, a highly-classified operation called Project Pegasus allows the government to probe into the space-time continuum, using Tesla technology to teleport someone into the past or future or to somewhere like Mars.

Update: Is Time Travel Possible?

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:00
Essay on The Story of Your Enslavement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Freedomain Radio   
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:14

We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world.

This is the story of your enslavement; how it came to be, and you can finally be free.

Like all animals, human beings want to dominate and exploit the resources around them. At first, we mostly hunted and fished and ate off the land - but then something magical and terrible happened to our minds. We became, alone among the animals, afraid of death, and of future loss.

And this was the start of a great tragedy, and an even greater possibility... You see, when we became afraid of death, of injury, and imprisonment, we became controllable -- and so valuable -- in a way that no other resource could ever be.

The greatest resource for any human being to control is not natural resources, or tools, or animals or land -- but other human beings.You can frighten an animal, because animals are afraid of pain in the moment, but you cannot frighten an animal with a loss of liberty, or with torture or imprisonment in the future, because animals have very little sense of tomorrow.You cannot threaten a cow with torture, or a sheep with death.

You cannot swing a sword at a tree and scream at it to produce more fruit, or hold a burning torch to a field and demand more wheat.You cannot get more eggs by threatening a hen - but you can get a man to give you his eggs by threatening him.Human farming has been the most profitable -- and destructive -- occupation throughout history, and it is now reaching its destructive climax.

Read Full Story

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:28
Black Hawk Choppers Invade the Sky of Minneapolis PDF Print E-mail
Written by Truth Advocate   
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 10:54

Black Hawk Helicopters Over Minneapolis Worry Residents

Concerned observers called media, police last night to report choppers

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black Hawk military helicopters are flying low over Minneapolis this week as part of an exercise being overseen by the U.S. Special Operations Command, increasing concerns that Americans are being prepared for a state of martial law.

The video from residents shows the helicopters being filmed from the 28th floor of the Wells Fargo Building on 90 S. and 7th St.

Despite the fact that the urban exercises have been ongoing since August 19th, authorities only decided to properly inform residents after police and media outlets received calls from worried residents last night.

This prompted authorities to announce that the “mysterious helicopters flying low over parts of the Twin Cities metro area Monday night aren’t anything menacing,” reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Another video shows the Black Hawk helicopters flying information over the area surrounding the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 11:05

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