Kaspersky Antivirus Software Accused of Russian Hacking

kaspersky hacking
kaspersky hacking

Kaspersky Antivirus Software Accused of Russian Hacking.

According to several recent reports, the Russian government has used antivirus software from the private Russian company Kaspersky to steal classified U.S. data. The revelations, following months of vague warnings from U.S. officials, suggest that the U.S. has “direct evidence that there are ways to remote into Kaspersky and pull data back without the user’s intention,” David Kennedy, a prominent security consultant and former U.S. Marines hacker, told Yahoo Finance. “And that is very, very scary. That means that anybody in the world that has Kaspersky installed may have the potential to have their data accessed by Kaspersky.”  Lifelock Discount Codes.

Read the full story at Identity-theft.org

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