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Pyramid Experiments Reveal New Electric Field PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 12:11

When I first heard about pyramid experiments and Orgone energy, it seemed slightly, how shall I say...  Questionable?  I have an open mind and have studied the mystic sciences for some time and I must admit to some skepticism surrounding the obscurity of impacting physical elements through "shapes".  Being a student of sacred geometry among other things, I was none the less intrigued by the concept.  Scientific experiments involving the use of "structured water" after all are gaining acceptance among scholars.  But what could a mere shape, even a pyramid have to offer to the polarization of molecules on its own accord.  During a conversation with my wife, on the topic of the "Russian Pyramid experiments" whose conclusion was thus stated:

"Unusual influence of the Great Pyramid on animate and inanimate objects of nature may be associated with a special field in the Pyramid. It turns out that the Great Pyramid may have been built as a resonator of that field. In my recent research, the field was called "inerton"  since it arises from a submicroscopic quantum consideration of a moving elementary particle in the structure of real space in which the motion occurs. In essence, the inerton field is generated due to friction of a moving particle by the space treated as a quantum substrate, or aether. From the mathematical point of view the substrate may be simulated as a mathematical space that is densely packed by its building blocks - elastic cells. Any particle is also an element of the space. Then when we treat any material object, we should take into account that it is embedded in the space substrate that posses its own properties and is able to interact with massive objects. For instance, you may imagine a metallic framework, which is placed in a room filled with air. You know any vibration of the framework will immediately be passed to the air and the latter will vibrate as well; in its turn any vibrations of the air will excite the corresponding vibrations in the framework.   The same happens with the moving Earth as long as it fits into the space substrate. Atoms of the Earth vibrate and interact with the space generating inerton waves both in the space substrate that contained  the terrestrial globe and in the surrounding Earth. We may distinguish two constant flows of inerton waves of the Earth. The flows are caused by the proper rotation of our planet from the West to East and its motion along the orbit around the Sun. Paths passed by the fronts of these two flows are characterized by ratio pi/2. So an object whose dimensions satisfy ratio pi/2 and the orientation coincides with the quarters of the world to be a resonator of inerton waves of the Earth. Using the scanning electron microscope, we studied changes in the surface of metal specimens, which stayed in a small resonator for some time. The fine structure of specimens stayed in the resonator were smoothed noticeably. Thus the presence of inerton field in the small resonator was proved experimentally. Besides the inerton field manifested itself also in other experiments. In particular, it makes clusterization of hydrogen atoms in the KIO3*HIO3 crystal, affords the anomalous photoelectric effect both in rare gases and the surface of metal, etc. In such a manner, the existence of the inerton field may be taken as proved. And this means that general relativity loses its monopole rights of the all-embracing theory: the static relativity should be replaced for a dynamic theory based on the inerton field that realizes the direct interaction between massive objects.

Summarizing we may infer that the inerton field, a new physical field, which as fundamental as the electromagnetic one may well have been known by the architects of the Great Pyramid. They built the Great Pyramid as the House that was saturated with inerton waves."

I learned that my God Father, and ex minister of health had actually produced many of these most intriguing results involving Orgone energy and inerton fields through controlled pyramid experiments in his own laboratory.

Many if not all of the characteristics of these experiments point us to new levels of understanding regarding the construction of the pyramids of Giza, ancient temples and even our modern cathedrals and other holy places.

Water is not "purified" under a pyramid, as the claims say, however it is chemically altered. Water is a polar molecule. The hydrogen bond is what allows this change to occur.

The orgone energy produced by the pyramid polarizes, lines up, or somehow alters the hydrogen bond. This alters not only the taste of the water but some of it's chemical properties as well. Water that is "charged" with pyramid/orgone energy can pass on the energy to other things.

Watering plants with pyramid water will help them grow better. Some people drink pyramid water too. If you would like to made lots of pyramid water to drink, put a gallon or less of water under a large frame pyramid (6ft base) and leave it for an hour. Treating small amounts of water under a small or large pyramid, takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Sharpen razor blades: This sounds really strange, but it's true.

A dull razor blade is impregnated with water molecules. Now a pyramid creates a condition of microwave-dehydration (on non-living things), and removes the water from the steel. The moon cycles can affect results, as the moon cycles affect earth's magnetic field, and pyramid energy is related to magnetism (that's why you have to have the pyramid lined up to magnetic north.

The blade sharpens best when it is lined up east-west, and the pyramid north-south. The razor is put under the pyramid after each use. A cheap razor that lasts 5 good shaves will last 50 or more. I have heard reports of as high as 250 as well.

With the lunar cycles affecting the pyramid, sometimes one will get a poor shave one night. Don't end the experiment, it will pick up again the next day. Now this is not a totally alien process, it just speeds up natural ones. If you leave a razor for 2 months it will lose the water, and "sharpen" itself.

The pyramid does this over night. Pyramids will keep the blade sharp, but I think it takes a long time to sharpen a dull one. Try 2 weeks and see it it helps. It's best to start with a fresh blade and maintain it. Using good quality razors and pyramids together can help a razor last for many, many uses.

Restore the lustre to tarnished jewellery and coins: Pyramid energy will loosen tarnish off coins and jewellery.

Leave the object under the pyramid for several days first.

Then the tarnish will rub off very easily. This is likely due to the microwave-dehydration breaking the tarnish's hold loose.

Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs: This is a most interesting effect of pyramid energy, and is due to the microwave dehydration.

Meat, and other types of food will dry out quickly under a pyramid.

For this type of experiment the samples should be sealed, unless using a frame pyramid. Other-wise the pyramid creating a closed space will affect results.

The Egyptians had a very effective way of mummifying their dead, I believe this is how they did it.

Keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration: Milk will stay fresh longer under a pyramid without refrigeration.

This is because the micro-organisms that make the milk spoil cannot withstand the orgone energy, they don't like it.

Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour: The microwave-dehydration accelerates the drying process of the flowers faster than normal. I would recommend using a large frame pyramid for this, as the enclosure of a solid pyramid might counter act the effect. Also because of the 5% rule.

Increase the growth rate of plants: Orgone energy is good for plants, in moderation. Too much orgone can be harmful to some plants. Some can take more than others.

The best way to prevent over-dose in plants is to water them with treated water. You can't over-dose hardly anything doing this. If a plant begins to wilt it has too much orgone, and needs to be given less.

Help attain increased relaxation: Pyramid energy puts the mind into a alpha-theta state which is one of relaxation.

Animals quiet down under pyramids as well.

Improves the taste of coffee, wine and fruit juices: Pyramid energy alters the hydrogen bond in water. A general effect is a increase in the "smoothness" of a drink.

It takes the sharp "edge" of drinks like coffee. Works well with wine too.

Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches: The title says it all.

In general pyramid energy is good for multi-cellular organism. It is harmful to micro-organisms, which is good for killing infections and what not.

I have also read that you don't get colds and the flu if sleeping under a pyramid.

Sleeping or Sitting Under a Pyramid: Sleeping under a small pyramid can have some small positive effects. Hwever, sleeping under a large pyramid has several benefits.

First less sleep is needed. Also you will have vivid lucid dreams. Because mirco-organism don't like orgone you should get sick less.

Some people meditate under a pyramid. Pyramid energy puts your mind into a theta-alpha state. This also what causes the lucid dreams, and puts the mind in a creative mood when you are awake.

First of all, we suggest that you have a good look at the following image illustrating the plan of the great pyramid, that would help you understand more easily.

In 820 A.D the Caliph Al-Maamoon wanted to search for the so-called treasures inside the pyramid. Hence, he arranged a campaign that included engineers, builders, architects, and sculptures. When the campaign failed in finding the entrance of the pyramid, the engineers decided to dig in the stones which form the body of the pyramid. However, they failed because the hammers and chisels didn’t cause just a scratch in the stones. There fore, they resorted to heating one side of the pyramid’s stones until it become red. They then poured on it cold vinegar that caused a split in the stones. After doing this, they used the Al-Bash machine (a war machine used in demolishing walls). It succeeded in breaking the stones whose resistance was weak. All these attempts show the strength and solidity of the pyramids body.

The campaign has failed to find the secret passages of the pyramid, until one of the workers declared that he heard the sound of the falling of a big stone near the place they dug. The engineers have decided to continue their digging in the direction through which they heard the falling stone. This has led them to a passage more than three feet high and three feet wide. This passage was steep. The passage required an effort to ascend until they reached the pyramid’s original secret entrance. It’s height is about 49 feet above the pyramid’s base. Hence, the campaign continued its digging through the descending passage which ended by a pit full of dust and debris. They found, on the other side of the pit, a narrow underground passageway that extended horizontally and which led them, after 50 feet, to a white wall without paintings or drawings. Under the underground passageway, there was a well opening which was dug up to 30 feet and led to nothing. Therefore, the campaign decided to return to its position where the stone has fallen. They thought that the falling stone blocked the granite opening which lad to another passage ascending in the middle of the pyramid. They tried to dig in to the solid granite but they failed. Then tried to break the surrounding less solid limestone until they succeeded in reaching an ascending passage that has a low roof. So as to cross this passage, they crept on their hands and their knees 150 feet across the stones until they reached another passage that has the same low roof. At the end of the new passage, they found a room without any furniture. This room’s size is 18 cubic feet. They had thought that they would find the so-called treasure in this room.

When the members of the campaign didn’t find the treasure, they returned to the ascending passage once again. Then, when they lit their torches, they found a wide opening on its roof. When they climbed each other’s shoulders, they saw a high-roofed hall with a small width.

This hall extends by 157 feet which is the same inclination of the ascending passage. At the end of the hall, they reached a huge stone that led to a horizontal outdoor stone bench “Mastaba” the dimensions of which are 8 feet long 6 feet wide and its roof isn’t more than 3,5 feet high. This outdoor stone bench’s shape looked like the entrance which led to a small lobby. Across a small passage at the end of that lobby, El-Maamoon’s men found themselves inside a big room made of a polished red granite stone. The length of this room is 34 feet, its width is 17 feet and its height is 19 feet. The room is called now the king’s room.

The campaign reached for the treasures in this room, but they found nothing except a coffin made skillfully from the dark brown granite stone.

It has been said that El-Ma’amoon instigated one of the members of the campaign to put some golden pieces in one of the rooms so that the members of campaign might discover it. He has done so to compensate them for the efforts they exerted during their search which was fruitless.

The mysterious characteristics of the great pyramid:

The Mathematical Relations:

We had discovered some mathematical relations while reading some specialized books. Some of which are exaggerated. However, no one can prove whether the information written by the writer is right or wrong because of the complicated steps by which we can prove these strange relations. But, we found that the best and easiest way to prove the truth of these relations is:

If you take the circumference of the pyramid and divide it by two, then multiply it by the pyramids height, we will get the value Pie (22/7).

How to make a miniature of the pyramid:

To help the reader to make some of the following experiments at hone, we present an easy way to make a miniature of the Cheopspyramid with the same dimensions:

  1. We determine the required length of the pyramid. Then, we multiply the required length by 1,57. By doing this, we get the length of the base of the triangle which represents one side of the pyramid.
  2. We multiply the required height by 1,49 to get the length of the sides of the isosceles triangle. Afterwards, we cut four triangles that form the four faces and we paste the four faces together. Then we stick the four faces.

N. B.: The materials used in building the pyramid must be non- metallic because the non-metallic materials give a similar effect to that of the biggest pyramid’s materials.

These are some of the measures which make it easy for the reader to make a model.



Both sides ( each one’s length )

6 inches

8 inches

10 inches

12 inches

8 feet

6 feet

9 ⅜ inches

12 ⅝ inches

15 ¾ inches

18 ¾ inches

12 feet – 6 inches

9 feet – 5 inches

8 ⅞ inches

12 inches

15 inches

17 ¾ inches

12 feet

8 feet – 11inches

The following are some experiments on the pyramid.

The pyramid’s experiments on plants:

In 1975, Jack Dayer had chosen 60 mongrel beans used in gardens (all beans are to be alike and the difference shall be little). Then he planted them together in one tray. After two days he took the planted beans without looking at them and put them in similar vessels. They are irrigated by limited quantities. The vessels took geometrical pyramids, equilateral prisms, and cuboids. He made five boxes from marked glass. The size of each box is 361,1 cubic inches. He then put in each box 3 vessels of beans. He used 15 other vessels that for comparison and which were not put inside the glass boxes.

All the plants were exposed to florescent light for 16 hours each day. In addition to the experimental beans and the compared beans, three other planted beans were put in each of the three geometrical shapes. Another fourth bean was put for comparison. These were put on scattered window sills. The glass boxes are welded together by the glue used in fish basins. The box should not be wholly welded so as to let the current of air get inside it. His experiment was made on the upper floor of a two-floor building made of concrete. The plants were grown between the twenty ninth of November and the ninth of December. Then the degree of the height and growth was measured, as well as the diameter of its stem. Dyre had found that the pyramids had grown faster than the others followed by the prism’s plants, then the cuboid’s plants and the comparison plants. Dyer said that the differences are very clear in the degree of the plant growing. This difference is very important from the statistical view. Dyre was keen on giving each plant an equal amount of light, heat, and air. He had found that the samples put on the window sills grew less because they were exposed only to the light of the sun in short periods in November and December. However, the pyramids plants grew quicker than any other plant. Dyre discovered that when he plucked out plants and weighed them while they are green, the pyramid’s plants were the heaviest. Moreover, when he weighed them after drying them, the pyramid’s plants were the lightest and the compared plants were the heaviest after drying.

The pyramid’s experimeon animals:

Many of these who are interested in making experiments on the pyramid as well as the scientists agreed on preferring tamed animato be kept beside or inside the pyramid. They are to be kept in their own houses. They preferred to put them in the North-East corner of the pyramid as well.

Experiments made on the pyramid as a remedy for injuries and headaches:

We present two experiments of some persons who said to have recovered by using miniatures of Cheops’ pyramid:

1) Tom Garrett said: I was injured in a house accident that led to the breaking of my little toe.

My toe was crammed in a chair’s leg. The toe was broken and became swollen. Hence, I went to the pyramid to decrease my pain. However, the pain increased while I was in the pyramid for 15 minutes. The pain kept on growing for other 10 minutes to decrease. When the pain stopped, I sat inside the pyramid for two hours, then I slept for a while and when I woke up, the swelling was clearly decreased. In the evening, I sat for another hour inside the pyramid before sleeping. In the morning, walking was normal with little fatigue.

2) He mentioned his last experience with the pyramid saying: “ I have had a headache because I stared at the sun all the afternoon while watching a football match. Therefore, I sat under the pyramid for sometime and noticed nothing unusual after this experience. When I was outside the pyramid, I was absent-minded because of the noise the children were making. After that, I discovered that those children were far from me by some buildings. It seemed to me that my hearing sense was affected by sitting under the pyramid. The headache also had gone. However, I have only noticed all these things some time after leaving the pyramid.

The experiments of the pyramid on food:

The two scientists shoal and Betit tell us about their experiments on how the p0yramid affects the milk. Shoal says: “ I filled two vessels, that have the same size and shape, with milk. Then, I put on them a creased paper to decrease the reach of bacteria to the milk while air is allowed to them. Then, I put one of the two vessels inside the pyramid and the other one outside it. After six days, I have found that the milk which has been inside the pyramid has turned into separated bodies taking the shape of layers consisting of sour and curdled milk and watery liquid. However, some rottenness as well as dissociation has been formed on the surface of the other vessel. By the days, the rottenness increased. After that, I left the soured milk which was outside the pyramid. I kept the milk which was inside the pyramid in its place. After six weeks, the milk turned into a firm fatty substance that gave the taste of yogurt without any effect of rottenness. The layers have become near each other to form one body without any change.

The pyramid keeps meat:

The two scientists Bill shoal and Aid Betit continue their experiments on solid and organic substances by saying: We have discovered that meat doesn’t putrefy but it loses its water very fast. It doesn’t have a bacteria activity too. After keeping the meat inside the pyramid for three weeks, it loses 60 % of its weight but it doesn’t go bad. As we desire to have an experiment, so as to compare it with different kinds of food, we prepared similar pyramids of cardboard. The size of each one’s base is nine cubic inches and inch. The height of each one is six inches .We have made suitable ventilation inside each pyramid through making a rounded hole in each side of the four-sided pyramid near the top. Each one’s diameter is ¾ inch. Then, we put the samples in the king’s burial room and other similar samples on a table outside the pyramid.

The experiment samples were four eggs. Each one’s weight is more than 51 gm. Two shelled eggs were left, one inside the pyramid, and another outside it. The two other eggs were broken. One of them is left inside the pyramid and the other one is left outside it. There were other samples such as, two of calf fresh liver and two of fresh fish. We noticed that all the samples which were kept outside the pyramid have turned bad after a week. However, the samples inside the pyramid became slightly creased and lost weight. The following is a table that shows the results of the experiment.

The kind of


Its weight


Its weight


The period in

the pyramid

* An egg inside a shell

51 gm

15 gm

60 days

* A broken egg

34 gm

18 gm

19 days

* Fresh liver of a calf

45 gm

16 gm

20 days

* fish

45 gm

14 gm

15 days

Experiments on the water of the pyramid:

How to make the pyramid’s water:

The amount of water that will be put inside the pyramid to make the pyramid’s water depends on the size of air. We suggest that the pyramid should be comparatively big. To make one liter of the pyramid’s water you fill a bottle with water. Then, you put the bottle under the pyramid where the middle point of the bottle shall be at the same level of the king’s room i.e. of the height from the base. After that, you leave the water in this position for 24 hours. Hence, the water will be ready for use. It is preferred to be put in a refrigerator so as to keep up its characteristics.

The benefits of the pyramid’s water:

Many people and scientists agreed on the benefits of the usage of the pyramid’s water in different fields such as:

Women’s use of it daily for washing their faces makes the skin more beautiful and fresh. Others use it to wash their hair to increase its brightness and softness. For those who have light hair, it makes it grow quickly. It is used also in wounds where it helps in fast and cleans healing. Shoal mentions that one of his friend’s daughters aged four years has hurt her hand which the door closed on. Hence, he put the hand of his friend’s daughter in the pyramid’s water. After a minute, the daughter stopped crying saying “This is better’’. He kept her hand in the pyramid’s water for 3 minutes. When she woke up the next day, she found the effects of the bruise have disappeared, the swelling has gone, and the wounds began to heal. After 2 days, there were no effects of the accident on the child’s hand.

Experiments of the pyramid’s effects on sleep:

It was mentioned that sleeping inside the pyramid or beside it or even under bed helps one to sleep quietly, wake up early, feel more active and have a clear mind. In this respect, we mention an experiment of lady Mathia who said: “I read in the Times Magazine that a famous actress used to put a pyramid under her bed to provide her with an additional energy. Hence, I put a pyramid, that I painted red, under my bed so as to be under my solar plait. This solar plait is the center of the nervous system which lies behind the stomach and the aorta.

On the following day, I felt an additional energy. I found that I slept 8 hours instead of the 5 hours that I normally sleep. One of my friends also mentioned that when she put the pyramid under the bed immediately under her head, she felt, on the following day, that her mind is clear and that she is more active.

We, also, mention that he who puts a pyramid under his seat, feels energy and clear mind. Moreover, If he is working, he concentrates on performing his work and does it more quickly.

One of the pyramid’s effects, also, is that if you put a safety razor, its sharpness increases as if it were new.

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