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"Google Gate" The Boycott On Google Begins PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Sunday, 30 January 2011 09:42


About Google Gate


Statement of Evil Doing:

We the people for A free uninterrupted un-tracked and un-manipulated Internet will Stop using Google Core Products and Services.  This includes Google Search, Google Adwords, Youtube and Gmail. Google's Recent attempt to manipulate search results to block "alternative News" and Pro Consumer websites from the people and block competition through price fixing in adsense is a crime against humanity and fair business practices since Google has a virtual Search monopoly.


Official Boycott on Google Core Products officially begins in protest on Feb 1st 2011 and will continue until Google meets the people's demands below.



Background behind the Boycott:

The old credo, "Do No Evil" has obviously finally been tossed out of the proverbial window now.  With their special arrangement with the NSA not only to share user data, but now conduct the will of the NSA by controlling world access to information,  Google has finally slapped the free world population in the face with its recent policing efforts involving blocking "alternative" News web sites.

Many reputable  "Truther", "Alternative News" and "consumer advocacy" sites that contain highly unique, relevant and valuable content have seen their internet traffic plummet over the last 3 weeks.  The Google's News support forum announced that Google was experiencing a 5 to 8 week delay in the approval of new news sites for Google News inclusion.  We now know why, Google has likely been using it's news review resources team to locate and remove alternative news sites and block pro consumer advocacy internet businesses to help out big brother and Corporate interests.  End Result, Google has become pure evil!


Boycott Google Use Gibiru click here

Get Google's attention and help level the playing field for Alternative Media and Consumer Advocacy.  Participate in the Boycott Starting Today!

Go to and click the link that says:  Don't Spy on Me Google, Set Gibiru as your Homepage


People's Demands:

1. Google Provide alternative news and Consumer Protection media an equal playing field as mainstream media based on Ownership of content and stop the discrimination and preferential treatment of MSM.  Google news results have gotten so bad since these unwarranted "algorithmic updates" and dropping of sites from Google News anyway. Google should be embarrassed of its Current News section, full of only Mainstream copied and regurgitated Bread and Circus and lacking even the most basic coverage on many alternative topics.  Stop the prejudice denial and removal of alternative news sites in Google News as well as remove any classification of sites to the algorithm as "alternative or any other classification that might cause unfair or bias placement among mainstream media.

2. Completely Publicly Disclose the details regarding the Agreement that Google maintains with the National Security and Affairs Department.

3. Stop Price Fixing and anti trust violations through the use of the Google Quality Score on Adwords. (See investigation by Texas Attorney General's Office)

It is no accident that the US has taken a strong position on Egyptian President Mubarak's killing of Egyptian internet services.  The US government wants to appear as though it is in favor of freedom of content.  The real reason is that such a large percentage of the US economy is based and dependent on internet sales, "killing" the internet in the US for "security" reasons is simply not a practical option and would crash the US if not the worls economy.  What is, however a practical option is to simply control the information that is available to the people.  The Chinese figured this out years ago, and the US is simply following suit.

How to Participate and Join the Boycott: has provided for us an alternative portal for everyone.  This portal will serve as our life pod during this transitional period, providing the essentials that most of us have become quite dependent on like web search results, images, video and news.  Gibiru has been built out of Google's own products and will thus use its products to help them Correct their wrongs.  The web Search function is Powered By Google for the time of the Boycott and because of Gibiru's publishing agreement with Google, Google Must Pay Gibiru 51% of all ad revenue on sponsored ad clicks that are provided by Google and paid by Google advertisers, thus dropping Google's revenue by 51% for every Gibiru User that leaves Google and uses Gibiru. Gibiru is using this revenue to continue to promote Free Uninterrupted private internet results for human beings.  Gibiru is now providing up to date hot topic headline News thanks to Coup Media images and video are still run through alternative "NON GOOGLE" technologies.  So Feel Good and Join in the free internet revolution.

Boycott Google, Get in the life pod Support Free Unbiased Access to Information and Use Gibiru click here

Get Google's attention and help level the playing field for Alternative Media and Consumer Advocacy.  Participate in the Boycott Starting Today!

Go to and click the link that says:  Don't Spy on Me, Set Gibiru as your Homepage

If you Don't want to Use Gibiru, here are some alternative Search engines: is a safer search engine for kids, blocks most inappropriate content is a non tracking search engine


More Details about Google Gate:

Google's Matt Cutts claims that this Algorythmic change was to better the search results and protect Googlers from "content farm" sites that have increased in number recently.  The only clear reference from Google about problems occurring from "content farms" in regards to spamming search results is from China: "Last year Google faced a rash of webspam on Chinese domains in our index. Some spammers were purchasing large amounts of cheap .cn domains and stuffing them with misspellings and porn phrases."  They claim this scheme led to "irrelevant" search results.

Yet, their goal seems to be to weaken what has been referred to as "news aggregating" websites as "one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content." This clearly describes many sites that present alternative news. , Even Mainstream media News which is largely copied and syndicated through their own agreements.  However, plenty of alternative news sites and blogs have original material which they freely share, in part or in full, purely to support one another in disseminating the truth. This is of key importance to spread information in the absence of government or foundation funding, as enjoyed by much of the mainstream media. It is also a counter to censorship, so that a free market of ideas can flourish where people can investigate facts for themselves, rather than have opinions dictated downstream from a limited number of sources.

According to a recent cheerleading article by TechCrunch, content farms indeed include websites post any duplicate content word-for-word, "Now, finally, it sounds like they’re going to do more to take on sites that just repurpose content from other sites (hopefully including the countless sites that repost TechCrunch articles verbatim)."







What's odd is that everyone knows that original content already carries far more weight with Google algorithms than re-posted content. Additionally, backlinks from well-ranked relevant sites is also a huge factor in building a strong Google page rank, besides driving traffic to the source. Therefore, it would stand to reason that websites like TechCrunch should be overjoyed when other relevant sites post their content, as long as it is sourced with a hyperlink. Alexa ranks TechCrunch at 305 on the entire Internet, no doubt due to their 36,374 links that Alexa recognizes. Without allowing the sharing of their original content, this level of achievement would be impossible under the current Google algorithm.

For those who understand this concept, if they punish sites that re-post content such as news aggregators that link back to them, the source will surely lose traffic and overall ranking despite being heavy in original content.  Which begs the question, what people have been asking for "stronger action against content farms?"  Because gauging the rise in popularity of alternative media (i.e. news aggregators), it seems that Internet users themselves aren't the ones complaining.

It is obviously the entrenched dinosaur media that despises having to play on a level field, especially as it pertains to truthful reporting and analysis.  Former executive editor of the Washington Post, Leonard Downie Jr., addressed "old media vs. new media" in a September lecture where he excoriated so-called content farms as “parasites living off journalism produced by others.”  He even claims re-posting of material, even if sourced, is "stealing" as reported by Politico:


'The aggregators fill their websites with news, opinion, features, photographs and video that they continuously collect – some would say steal – from other national and local news sites, along with mostly unpaid postings by bloggers who settle for exposure in lieu of money,' Downie said. 'Though they purport to be a new form of journalism, these aggregators are primarily parasites living off journalism produced by others. They attract audiences by aggregating journalism about special interests and opinions reflecting a predictable point of view on the left or right of the political spectrum, along with titillating gossip and sex. Revealing photos of and stories about entertainment and celebrities account for much of the highly touted web traffic to the Huffington Post site, for example.'
Downie rightly states that these sites attract an audience seeking a certain point of view, but ignores the fact that mainstream outlets do the same.  Some would argue that the real strength behind news aggregators is the ability to expose the establishment's gross injustices and other inconvenient truths without all the "titillating" distractions.  As the masses become more aware of establishment lies, they are flocking to alternative sites who cut through the BS and present a clear path to the truth.

Google's algorithm changes seem to be yet another tool being used to direct the flow of information away from the alternative media to selected mainstream news sources.  It compounds actions already taken by Google in their involvement in upending net neutrality in favor of mega-media machines; the attempt by Congress to crack down on copyright infringement by blacklisting domain names; and copyright extortionist lawyers suing over wording in links. 

It's obvious that the establishment will find a way to punish truth sites, either through technical penalization for re-posting material, reducing access speed, blogging taxes, lawsuits for copyright infringement, or by arbitrarily blacklisting the domain altogether. 

At its core, this new Google algorithm seems to punish information sharing in favor of protectionist conglomerates with large writing staffs. We in the alternative media would do well to recognize that these actions being taken by the elite of the media world are just another sign of their weakened state.  Now is the time for the alternative media to seek more writers and more cooperation.

The Texas Attorney General is already filed an investigation regarding Google's anti trust violations and price fixing for advertising.


What You Should Do:

Get Google's attention and help level the playing field for Alternative Media and Consumer Advocacy.  Participate in the Boycott Starting Today!

Go to and click the link that says:  Don't Spy on Me, Set Gibiru as your Homepage

Share this information with everyone you know by clicking the tweet links and Facebook share links below


If you Don't want to Use Gibiru, here are some alternative Search engines: is a safer search engine for kids, blocks most inappropriate content is a non tracking search engine

China's Crackdown on Blogger Content calling them "Content Farms" Sound Familiar

Additionally, if you have any particular grievances regarding Google anti trust violations, price fixing or bias search results favoring Mainstream Media over original authors and or alternative media please help preserve Freedom of Speech and help the Texas Attorney General and add your comments below.  If your site has been remove or not accepted to Google News please add your site to the list.




Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 08:25

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