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Intelligence Leaks
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1 CIA admits full monitoring of Facebook and other social networks RC Christian 19223
2 Who Really Killed JFK? RC Christian 5680
3 Martial Law 'Right around the Corner' Susanne Posel 5293
4 US Military Contractors Caught Killing Civilians Truth Warrior 3987
5 US Military Shares Islamophobic Ideas Legal Lady 2126
6 Colonel Davis US Military Lying About "Success" in Afghanistan TruthWarrior 1783
7 Who Controls the World: CIA Secret Operations Declassified Nibiru 11037
8 Pre Crime Testing on Americans 6041
9 Intelligence Leak - September 11th 2001 Anonymous 7584
10 Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack? RC Christian 4256
11 Military Tunnel Network Nuked? RC Christian 5456
12 Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnels 6710
13 Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Secrets - '2012' Steve Pond at TheWrap 3341
14 The CIA is Relocating to Denver RC Christian 11290
15 NASA Sends Warning email To All Employees RC Christian 9504
16 Truth Behind Recovery & Job Creation Programs Sarah McClendon 2245
17 US Treasury - FED - Murdoch and Murder Wanta Files 2630
18 US Bankruptcy Court Fraud, Case No. 83-02385 Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta 3004

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