The new weapon for battling Zika.

The new weapon for battling Zika.

As the threat of a Zika outbreak looms overhead, scientist have developed a new weapon in the fight. At the opposite end of spectrum from traditional abatement techniques like spraying, a bold and possibly dangerous move is the introduction of genetically mutated mosquito’s. The release hinges on a congressional decision to give the green light to British biotech company Oxitec to introduce the mutant mosquito’s into the environment in the Miami area. Oxitec Chief Executive Hadyn Parry as quoted in an article on, said “The engineered kill switch gene that is passed down to the next generation stops them from maturing.” Current lab results show a 80%-90% mortality rate far surpassing the 20%-30% rate conventional methods achieve. A lab and research facility has already been built in the Florida keys and is currently producing the enhanced soldiers to go to war against Zika.

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