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Michio Kaku - Potential Mega Earthquake PDF Print E-mail
Written by RC Christian   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 22:35

Physicist and author of "Physics of the Future" Michio Kaku warned world citizens this morning on Good Morning America about the pending threat of enormous  earthquakes.

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Might Collide With the Earth in 2182

Magnetic Poles Shifting 2012

"In our life time, we could very well see one of these cities destroyed," Kaku said. "Los Angeles,

San Francisco, Mexico City, Tehran, Tokyo."


Rap News 2012- #Occupy Nibiru


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1. Volcanic Activity - BAJA CALIFORNIA
... radio show last Friday. July 22 stating that the Elenin-seismic-date and quake correlations have been artificially aligned by The Powers That Be Creating these earthquakes such as the one in Japan, ...
2. Comet Elenin - September 2011
(SciTech/Planet X Nibiru)
... volcanoes, earthquakes, rogue tides, sinking islands, magnetic pole migration, mass animal deaths, huge unexplained whirlpools in the Atlantic and so much more it would make anyone’s head spin. We ...
...  With 1620 small earthquakes between January 17, 2010 and February 1, 2010, this swarm was the second largest ever recorded in the Yellowstone Caldera. The largest of these shocks was a magnitude 3.8 ...
4. The Knowing of His Coming
... Planet X is Now Located) Other Elenin-Planetary and Solar Alignments Past Elenin Alignments and Earthquakes: Past Alignments Date Location Magnitude Elenin ...
5. Prophecy Fulfilled in Weather
(Spiritual/Visions & Prophecies)
From hurricanes to earthquakes, tornadoes to hail storms, nations at war and everything in between, all these events of biblical proportion have many claiming it is the 2012 prophecy being fulfilled. Compiled ...
6. Tornados in California
(National Security/HAARP)
... of producing storm cells, tornadoes, and even earthquakes. Map of California and its reported Tornado history is here. Be Sure to 'LIKE' our Coup Media Group Facebook Page by Clicking Here!  ...
7. Amazing Japan Erthquake Video
... the nuclear issue. This video shows one of the many aftershock earthquakes in Japan. See the Amazing Japan Earthquake Video Here         Latest News End of the World ...
8. End of the World 2011?
(Spiritual/Visions & Prophecies)
... earthquakes and aftershocks, not to mention radiological disaster in Japan, plus revolution in the Middle East, global recession and ongoing fears of animal and human pandemic. “Tens of millions of people ...
... in Mexico, residents of towns over 300 miles away felt the earthquake and sought protection. Read the Entire Earthquakes Increase Worldwide Concern with updated video   For a better idea of ...
10. 7.4 Earthquake in Japan
... or explosions confirm that these reports may be correct. There has been no warning issued for the coastal area of the western United States. Historically, Japan has had its share of massive earthquakes. ...
11. 6.5 magnitude Earthquake in Japan
... and bestselling author of hyperspace Michio Kaku warned world citizens early this year about the pending threat of enormous  earthquakes. The foremost authority on ice ages and magnetic reversals, Robert ...
12. Chinese Troops Seen in Mexico
(National Security/Terror Threats)
... in California Today Mega Earthquake San Francisco - 2011 Reports of Media Distrust After Japan Crisis New Prophecy 2012 - Japan Earthquakes Revealed  ...
13. Mega Earthquake San Francisco - 2011
... to change. He told as much to Cavuto: "The month of October, March, and April are the three most devastating earthquakes in terms of damage in the San Francisco Bay Area in history. And we are having on ...
14. New Prophecy 2012 - Japan Earthquakes Revealed
(Spiritual/Visions & Prophecies)
In a recent interview, Great Sun, author of the Viking Release, "Secret Life Super Codes," revealed that both he and his associate Friend G. had made prophecies about disasters set to strike Japan long ...
15. Japan Nuclear Meltdown Risk - United States
(National Security/Terror Threats)
... earthquakes are coming. Hold on to you hats. This ride has just begun. Don't sweat the small stuff. Meltdowns, Jet Streams, KI, - Hah! You aint seen nothin yet. But - stay cool. Get collected. ...
16. Arkansas Hit by Mysterious Earthquakes
Jim Sutterfield was briefly puzzled by a thumping sound that seemed to slam the back of his office chair. But when the small town Arkansas fire chief turned and saw no one was around, he quickly realized ...
A noted geologist from the University of Missouri-Columbia says his research of earthquakes in China may hold clues as to where the next big earthquake will hit in the Midwest. This year marks the ...
... TV stated that the earthquakes were listed on the USGS site but quickly removed.  There is has been no offisical statements as of yet by the USGS regarding the questionable quakes.  In the meantime, the ...
Some Rumors have begun to circulate around the internet regarding the use of a secret government project called HAARP and a correlation between it and the mass animal deaths, earthquakes and abnormal weather ...


Kaku pointed to changes in the physical structures of human civilization, and how the new composure poses many risks. "We are creating mega cities where there used to be fishing villages," he said.

About the many disasters this year, he said: "Well, look at the Chilean earthquake. You realize it was so big it actually rocked the planet earth. The axis of the earth shifted 3 inches as a result of that 8.8 earthquake. The day is no longer 24 hours, it's been shortened by one micro-second, That's how big that earthquake was."

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